3 Reasons Why Influencer Marketing Should Be At The Top Of Your Christmas Wishlist

Christmas was different last year, and by different, we mean digital. According to Barclays, 48% of shopping during 2020’s Golden Quarter took place online, and this trend is only expected to rise from here on out. Now, don’t panic, but we are edging toward that time of year, so here’s why influencers should be the angels on top of your campaigns this Christmas.



 Everyone and their mum are on social media nowadays, and as covered in our last article, there’s an army of platforms ready to cater to our every shopping whim. Wherever, whenever we want it.

The competition is fierce, and we are being bombarded with more purchasing opportunities then ever before. So, it’s essential that your customers, old and new, know about the launch of your latest e-commerce app or experience.

According to Adweek, 11% of retail e-commerce in 2020 was conducted via an app (generating up to £474 B). Plus, with 97% of Gen Zs using social media as their top source of shopping inspiration, influencers are perfectly placed. Promotion, inspiration, sales conversion; influencers will make your campaign launch with a bang.


MAC, for example, have introduced an AR makeover service in collaboration with YouCam.

Similarly, TikTok are trialling a new Nike Air Vapormax try on with JD. Sounds cool right?

Well, we still need to bridge the gap, because 46% of those asked said they still prefer shopping in person rather than online. So, who better to draw in consumers than the famous faces already on the platforms? Exactly.

Influencers can create real time demos, they can answer those WTF questions, they can make a must-see Christmas shopping experience.

Raising awareness, engagement, and of course those all-important sales. And hey, if they accidentally stumble upon a new viral trend in the process, you won’t be complaining!


As dramatic as it sounds, the physical shopping experience will never be the same.

Some retailers are even holding fire on their Boxing Day sales last year. Marks and Spencer, Morrisons, and The Entertainer have all gifted their employees an extra day of leave, and whilst this is great, what does it mean for in-store shopping?

For years now, brands have been attempting to replicate the in-store experience for those at home, but tech is now taking sofa shopping to a whole new level!



For many, last Christmas didn’t quite meet the mark, so it’s no wonder we’re banking on this year to revive our Christmas spirit.

eBay reports that 27%  of people are planning to start Christmas prep earlier this year- and these stats don’t lie!

‘Christmas’ and ‘Xmas’ searches on eBay were 38% higher in January – March 2021 compared to 2020.

Influencer marketing could fast track this trend even more because campaign content is available remote, on demand, and across platforms.

Missed the cut off for that Strictly prime time TV campaign? The beauty of influencer marketing is that it’s fast, efficient, and still completely authentic (especially when your brand aligns with the right archetypes, something that we place a huge focus on.)

With trees going up and gift guides going out earlier than ever, now is the time to work your influencer marketing HARD.

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