Alexa, What's Social Shopping?

And How is it Taking Over...

Like it or not, social shopping has moved beyond the mall and is now taking over our screens. eCommerce revenue is projected to hit  $5.02 billion in 2022, and here’s how:



Firstly, voice activated speakers. These are a staple in 72% of user’s daily routines, and they’re particularly handy when it comes to social shopping.

Why? Because it’s easy. Goodbye hours of endless scrolling and slow-loading landing pages. Hello a personal assistant who does everything we say.

According to Narvar, 51% people use voice to research products and 22% make a purchase. Of these buyers, 34% purchased takeout, 31% bought groceries, and 24% copped a book.

Then again, there are certain times a blind purchase wouldn’t quite cut it. But luckily, there’s another trend in town that lets you see and even try on an item without adding to basket or trekking to store…



Next, customisation; another way to win the social shopping battle. Watch out— tailored messaging, interactive content, and customisable products will be coming soon to a screen near you (if they’ve not already).

Iconic disruptor Fenty Beauty is already at it. Their brand presence on Twitter plays into stan culture, because that engages their audience. Meanwhile, YouTuber food brand Sides hold caption competitions on their Instagram, and Nikes By You lets customers design their own kicks and share directly on socials.


Snapchat filters are more than a 2016 fever dream. With a little help from big names such as Gucci and Nike, AR filters are becoming the future of social shopping.

Whether it’s Soleil Cristal by Lancome, or Prada’s virtual purse trials, brands can link up with tech platforms to provide a realistic, full-circle social shopping experience for consumers/users. You’re served an ad on Facebook, you try it on on TikTok, you purchase it through Google, then post about in on Instagram.

To conclude, it’s Metaverse 1- Reality 0.



Where don’t they? Influencers must be used at each step because they’re pros at raising awareness and trialling out new functions.

Keen on the latest celebrity meal deal? Ask Alexa. Want to try on the freshest kicks? There are half a dozen creators on TikTok showing you how. Unsure which brand to buy from? Head to their page to see which influencer takeover speaks to you the most.



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