The Secret To Going Viral In 2022


If TikTok has taught us one thing (aside from how to make a banging salmon rice bowl), it’s that sound is the kingpin of social media success.

Take ArrDee, for example. The Brighton rapper shot up in popularity since his verse on ‘Body’ went viral on TikTok last summer – it’s now clocked over 800k uses.

As well as this, ArrDee’s Spotify streams grew by over 3M% throughout the year, he’s since performed at festivals, bagged YouTube’s Artist on the Rise award, and has even partnered with JD on the gram.

Likewise, we also have Bella Poarch. The TikTok native’s track ‘Build a Bitch’ pushed her to an even wider audience, because it bridged the gap between influencer and celebrity.

To clarify — audio is no longer the cherry on top of creative content, it’s a key ingredient.

Then again, it’s not just individuals who sit to gain from audio. According to TikTok, sound will boost strong ‘brand attention’ by up to 800%. With the growth of everyone’s favourite social experiment (by everyone, we mean Zuckerberg’s), the metaverse offers creators a chance to become trending artists overnight. You know what that means — more partnership opportunities.



This isn’t a new thing, musicians such as Francois Pachet have created entire albums co-written by AI. Plus, tech whizzes have made ‘new’ music from celebs like Amy Winehouse and Nirvana. Well, as ‘new’ as can be. AI programs do this by analysing the original audio, then they work out a similar pattern.


Well, AI audio means there’s limitless potential for how many tracks a musician can make. Additionally, it even offers opportunity for non-musical creators to get involved. As AI tracks are technically faceless, this leaves an influencer-shaped space for someone to jump in and front the sounds; for instance, tours, music videos, brand deals. We’ve already seen the birth of AI influencers in recent years, Yona and Lil Miquela for example, but now it is time we open up to AI musicians.



On the other hand, sound on social is more than just music, it’s about conversation. Audio-first mediums had a resurgence with Clubhouse in 2020. Back in November, over 150k viewers piled into a Twitter Spaces arena to listen to the star studded #SingYourDialect show. We’re talking Chunkz, Lethal Bizzle, and, yes, THE Barack Obama, who took to the soundstage.

In conclusion, audio has the capacity to ramp up the emotive stimulation of visual content. However, when rolled out as sound alone, it lets us unwind and fully tune in to our content.

Whether you’ve already got an ear in the audio game or not, you must know it is the (not so secret) ingredient to nailing content performance nowadays.



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