Is SXSW Really All That?

3 Reasons Brands Need To Go To South By South West.



Founded back in ’87, SXSW pledged itself to ‘helping creative people achieve their goals’.

That statement may be nearly 40 years old, but it’s just as relevant today.

We’re not just talking filmmakers and indie artists; the festival is relevant to tech, brands, FMCG businesses, and influencers too.

After Facebook’s facelift last year, the metaverse is well and truly in the public (and private) domain.

Plus, what about influencers? Endorsing crypto, designing NFTs, building their own digital safe-havens?

Not to be dramatic, but SXSW is the perfect storm.

You must have seen the premieres by now, the exhibitions, the drone-led QR code locals thought was a UFO… Really.

But, if this is news to you (and you want some serious FOMO), you need to read on. Here’s why SXSW is still the best cross-over marketing event of the year.



Above anything, SXSW is a marketplace of ideas.

Not to get all capitalist on you but having hundreds of businesses under one roof offers collaboration opportunities like no other.

Imagine, exclusive mentoring sessions were offered across social media before launch, so attendees could get 1-on-1 advice and guidance from professionals in the biz.

Also, even if you didn’t bag a booking, you could still sneak in a couple of Qs here and there.

Events are for networking, for getting your face out there— so do it!


The last time SXSW was held in person there were over 410k attendees, 4.3k press, and 2.1k conference sessions. So, if you want to get your ideas out to the world — here’s the place to do it.

Don’t believe us? Twitter was launched in 2006, but it only took off after the ‘07 conference when they shared Tweet-commentary of the event live to all festivalgoers.

Likewise, Foursquare shot up in popularity as a locater app for the event, and it has since pivoted to power brands like Microsoft, Samsung, Twitter, and Uber.

If this isn’t a reason to run, not walk, your business to the entrance gates, we don’t know what is.



There’s a reason SXSW is the highest revenue-producing event (outside of the athletic or university sphere) for the Austin economy.

Attendees are gifted exclusive access and insights to what’s hotting up in the industry (and in competitor’s pipelines).

This year, there were 76 world premieres spread out across the week, so you could have the first look at some of the latest concepts in the game.

Think ‘Fashion’s New Frontier’ from Ralph Lauren, ‘What Makes TikTok Tick?’ from TikTok’s Head of Marketing Science himself.

There’s even an XR experience we checked out first hand, to see how meta marketing is playing up stateside.

Motto of the story? You had to be there.

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