What are the Do’s and Don’ts of Experiential Influencer Trips








First things first, what are experiential influencer trips? We’ve seen brands do pop-ups in popular cities like Frankies Bikinis’ recently in Soho (loving Gigi Hadid’s bleach blonde look). Even sponsorships at festivals like Coachella where Absolut Vodka created Absolut.Land: an immersive blend of real life and virtual reality. So, what is the new trend of brands taking their hottest influencers on trips across the globe?

The leader in this market is Revolve, an L.A. based fashion/tech company who’s been at the forefront of how social media and fashion collide. Revolve choosing to rely mainly on influencers to generate revenue has worked out well considering over 70% of overall sales at Revolve were driven by an influencer. This shows that these experiential influencer trips are the perfect way for brands to reach their target audience while making it fun for everyone! These experiential influencer trips can also create relationships between the brand and influencer that lead to long-term partnerships/ambassadors. This helps brands gain trust from the influencer’s friends/followers (which ultimately boosts sales).





It is important to note that these experiential trips, from the resorts/hotels, restaurants, and airways are all partnerships.

When brands/influencers go on these trips, they post tagged content that brings attention to the travel and hospitality services, making it a full-circle marketing moment. Brands pay influencers to come out to increase their sales. Then brands partner with other brands to increase their sales in exchange for free rides/stays/eats and the cycle continues.

All brands receive a high ROI from the non-stop posting of their services provided, bringing in new customers. As lavish as these trips look, they are still cheaper than traditional forms of marketing such as billboards and commercials. Get this: with an even higher ROI.

So, what are the do’s and don’ts of these luxurious experiential influencer trips?

Since the pandemic, consumers are looking for more than just a cute pose with a nice backdrop (sorry Brandy Melville). Consumers now more than ever rely on brands to provide them more than just the items they are buying, but an experience along with it. People want brands to stand for something meaningful, something they can follow along with. Brands are now expected to provide escapism, exclusivity, connectedness, and digital sharing. This relatively new way of marketing in the form of experiential trips can provide all the above for consumers while also benefiting the brand.







DO: Use these experiential influencer trips to get as much behind-the-scenes content! From hotel room tours to dinner parties and festivity details to outfit checks.

Basically, vlog the ENTIRE trip! With the resurgence of mini vlogs and daily life videos captured through Reels and Stories, brands can (and must) make consumers feel a part of the journey.

DON’T: Be stingy with content. Posting only aesthetically pleasing photos that are overly curated takes the authenticity away from the trip.

DO: Post onto both brand and influencer accounts. By embedding content into both streams, you can make the most of your experiential influencer trips.

DON’T: Let the trip become an itinerary filed w/ photoshoots and no time for relaxing and exploring. The audience wants to see the influencers out exploring on a yacht, having fun. Trust the influencers to get the right content at the right time. After all it’s their job and their niche.


DO: Align your brand with influencers that fit the brand. Here at Connects, we use archetypes to help find someone who fits your tone of voice/ brand style while ensuring the content will be mutually beneficial.

DO: Find the right companies to do partnerships with! Find other companies with similar brand values. If you’re looking for a luxurious experience instead of a low-key summer camp getaway, then partner with a travel giant, like Air France! Pop some champagne on the flight that gets you to your destination in style and comfort.


If you’re looking to learn more about finding the right partnerships or influencers for a campaign, shoot us a brief. We’d love to be a part of your next experiential trip! You know where to find us, info@seenconnects.com.

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