What’s with the wellness app craze?

We’re all curious to find new ways to ease stress and get sleep in a more responsible manner than scrolling through TikTok until our eyes hurt (or worse, that “stop scrolling” guy appears). Nowadays, many of us are resorting to trendy wellness apps that provide mental wealth options varying from better sleep suggestions, guided meditations to sooth stress and even physical activity such as learning new yoga positions. With wellness apps having been on the market for so long, what’s behind the recent surge in downloads and word of mouth marketing? And how does a relatively well-known, older app like Calm crash from sudden overuse? 









You may have already guessed it… the voice of the celebrity. Elite tier talent such as Harry Styles, Tom Hiddleston, Matthew McConaughey, John Legend and more have partnered up with these companies (I.e. Calm, Insight Timer, Audible) to help soothe you through the power of voice. What do they all have in common? The right celebrity voices.  

So why do celebs and wellness apps work quite harmoniously?

Whether it be reading threads for reducing anxiety on Twitter or listening to ASMR on TikTok, mindfulness has become its own form of content, blurring the lines between the prior separation of wellness and entertainment. What better way to bring the two together than celebrities, a perfect middle-ground for consuming wellness while still being entertained?

It’s one thing to listen to a calming bedtime story to lull you away from dreary thoughts or check out a guided meditation by someone who went off on a yogi retreat for 10 months (they must know what they’re talking about right?), but bringing in people we’ve grown up with and seen on our favorite shows makes the experience even better. People are drawn to these apps not only for what they provide, but who provides it.





So, it makes perfect since for Diddy to do an “Honor Yourself” guided meditation as his entire life story revolves around believing in yourself. Or for Giselle Bundchen, Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations, to do a partnership promoting bilingual stories and more diversity. People don’t want to hear just any story; they want a connection to the story.

Celebrities can further enhance the experience of being read to sleep through their familiar voices. This sense of connection to the star adds more comfort to the story and makes it even more relaxing, which is the point, right? Its more intimate than a narrator that’s reminiscent of a tranquilized Siri. Also, stars are the best when it comes to telling stories, who better to pick as a storyteller than those who do it all their lives! 


At first it may seem like a great marketing tactic (which it is), but it brings more value to the stories the audience is listening to when there is the right star to transcend the script.  



The connection between using people we choose for entertainment to also come into other forms of our lives to help soothe us brings a sense of connection, something we crave in these times. You can call that a sign of the times (not a Harry Styles sponsored blog, promise). 

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