BeReal.: Hype Or Here To Stay?

And why Instagram should worry...

“No filters. No followers. Just friends, sharing with each other. On BeReal., you discover your friends’ real lives and get closer to them.”

Dubbed the anti-Instagram, the Gen-Z myspace, the second coming of Vine (okay maybe not. No one can replace you, Vine). BeReal. is putting up a good fight to stand amongst the big boys of social.

At a mere two years old, BeReal. is still wet behind the ears. But having just hit 10M active monthly users, 3.3M global downloads in Q1, a 390% growth from last year’s Q4, BeReal. is putting up a good fight to stand amongst the big boys of social.

So, is it about time we start looking at it for what it is? A potential social front runner?


It’s clearly doing something right. With brands taking to Twitter meme-ing on its unique dual-camera format, as well as Instagram itself nabbing this look in its latest feature, Candid.

However, that one’s not a surprise, Insta’s not been in the audience’s good books for a little while now due to its alleged prioritization of influencer accounts and more polished Reel content.

So, it was only a matter of time before BeReal. swooped in and stole that audience base that was keen for raw, realistic, and sometimes regrettable content.

This abrupt change of heart maybe isn’t so sudden after all. With movements like #freethepimple, the rise of “filter versus reality” content with the hashtag #filtervsreality surpassing 100 million, and influencers themselves coming forward to condemn beauty filters, it’s safe to say the needle is pushing more towards relatable than aspirational.


That’s where we come in. Although BeReal. currently doesn’t allow formal advertising, there’s huge potential to tap into the growing audience base and prime them for when that time comes (because it will). Here’s a few ways your brand can BeReal.

Stick To What (Or Who) You Know

Like its predecessors, BeReal. is bound to have a fair few influencers on board in no time, a lot of which likely have a social presence elsewhere, too. Why not tap up your always-on network to spend their two-mins being real with your product?

Make An Entrance

Got a new line to launch? Have influencers teed up to trial your product on your brand’s BeReal. account.

Those That Get It, Get It

Reward your loyal followers with exclusive discounts and first-come-first-serve tickets to events. Quick fingers for the win!

So there you have it. We’re not saying wave goodbye to ol’ Insta, but you better put some respect on BeReal.’s name.

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