Say Hello to Social Commerce

and Goodbye to QVC


Social commerce is taking the online shopping world by storm with the powerful combination of ecommerce and social media. The days of QVC are over. No need to call a number to make a late-night impulse purchase – now, it’s all about your IG DMs.








Social commerce is the new way of online shopping. Rather than finding a product worn by your fave influencer and going on the brand’s website to purchase, you’re now able to seamlessly do so on whatever app you’re browsing. Whether it be shopping via a brands profile or virtually trying before you buy (think Cher’s computer in Clueless – she was before her time)…


And get this: purchases made through social media posts are expected to double within the next year, with 30% of Instagram users having already purchased an item while on the app, while another 30% say they’d like to purchase through a social network.

So, how is this good for your business?

Think about it. Your customer base is already on social media browsing through their friends and influencers posts, when you add being able to effortlessly shop on the same platform without having to leave it, you make the process easier for those customers – so they’re more inclined to come back again. By letting your customers purchase via social, it gives you an advantage when it comes to building your target audience as they have easier access to you direct. It is also a great new way to track analytics/feedback in real time on products through DMs and comments.


Social media is already the best way to reach audiences to promote your products and now you can directly link your shop and products to your posts as well as your influencers content, allowing for more sales via a more coherent process. This gives brands a chance to deepen relationships with their customers and future customers by tapping into new insights and behaviours around online shopping.

  • 78% of customers think brands selling through social media are more popular
  • 77% of them believe a brand is more creative if they have a social media presence
  • 74% of customers regard brands on social media to be more relevant

As influencers play such a large role in driving sales on these apps already, how will they continue to help brands?


Over 80%  of people use social media to research products to purchase and are already interacting with influencers content to learn more about products/brands. So, imagine if these influencers had direct clickable links that open that product within the app seamlessly – in just a couple of clicks, that new lipstick or shirt is on its way to you. Influencers are here to stay for more than just inspiration purposes, but as a direct business tool to drive sales.


Why does it work so well?


Influencers will be able to tag exact products on posts/live videos that let you buy directly from them. Tailored links per influencers mean the means of tracking sales metrics become far more advanced – brands can identify more than just revenue, but average basket value, dwell time and new customer acquisition.


Social commerce is here to stay, and with the biggest social media apps taking it on as a new source of generating revenue, it’s expected to grow 3x as fast as regular commerce.


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