Why are influencers taking over the hottest events? From attending sought out shows during NYFW, hosting the VMA’s red carpet, to lounging in the US Open social media influencer suite, what makes these influencers the preferred choice for brand publicity?

We’re used to seeing socialites, celebrities, and mega influencers – but we’re now noticing small creators making their way to the latest can’t-miss events.

The key to bagging the hottest invites? A peek behind the curtain – from the POV of a trusted voice. The behind the-scenes content, authenticity of their voice/personality, and the content are all qualities that make influencers influence! Rather than being elusive, brands are starting to build credibility by sharing all the details. This is something followers crave, making influencers the top choice for brands when it comes to marketing these events.


Times are also changing. Events may not be enough for people to tune in to (like the Academy Awards with a 52% viewership decline). With the increase of social media usage resulting in a change in how we consume content, events don’t have the same grandeur they once had – still relying on old fashioned ways in a digitized age.

With the help of influencers, these brands are better off creating awareness while remaining authentic via the voice of an influencer (i.e. having an influencer host live via IGTV). This awareness is what’s paving the way for influencers to take part in all of the season’s hottest festivities and bringing their audiences with them.

Here’s why influencers are essential nowadays when it comes to red carpeted events:



We know that influencers are more trusted spokespeople than celebrities, so who better to be backstage? Leveraging influencers is a way to create trust between a brand and possible customer as it changes the dynamic of the “brand/consumer” to “peer/peer.”

Brand awareness:

60% of marketers have shared that influencer-generated content performs better and drives higher engagement rates than brand posts. This is why Tiktoker turned model Olivia Ponton and other influencers alike were found sharing BTS of the US Open with all of their followers. Reports reveal that there has been a shift in consumer marketing, with consumer traffic now going to influencer handles, which is great for brands as this can increase brand awareness and drive more site visits/sales.


When influencers get invited to these events, they provide an outlet for content viewership that cannot be replicated through tv or other forms of media at such a high rate. Influencers provide authentic content (whether it’s behind-the-scenes, exclusive access via their lens, etc.) rather than that of traditional, professional photos.


In this day and age, social media is the main source for how we consume media. It is essential for brands to take advantage of using influencers (with fitting archetypes, of course) to better connect with audiences when it comes to events. If your brand is ready to build a truly aligned invite list to your next IRL event, reach out to us at!

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