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Our Approach

Influencer marketing should focus on authentic content and credibility, that’s never commoditized. Real people, with real experiences of brands and products, sharing real opinions. 

Collaborative Creativity is about working connectively with both brands and influencers, to develop idea-driven, creative content that communicates the unique perspectives of brands and influencers alike, always engaging audiences.

Collaborative Creativity - Archetypal alignment - Human Connections - Meaningful Data
Archetypal alignment

Identifying the archetype of a brand enables us to identify influencers aligned with that brand’s mission, setting the foundations for solid working relationships built on shared values.

Human Connections

We take a long-term view of influencer relationships; success comes from partnering brands with the right influencers, not necessarily those with the greatest reach. Much of our work with brands is to help make sure they’re working with the right influencers in the right way.

Meaningful Data

We’re committed to ensuring that every campaign we create is data-driven and measurable. We tailor our tracking and evaluation plans, because measurements should never be ‘One Size Fits All’.

Collaborative Creativity - Archetypal alignment - Human Connections - Meaningful Data
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It’s not about how much you pay,
it’s about how much you care.


It’s not just about reach,
it’s about authenticity.


Content that tries to sell doesn’t,
but content that tries to help, does.

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