Be More Superhuman

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+ Influencer Management
+ Paid Media
The Brief

Work life balance is a massive conversation recently, and rightly so. Why should a two minute task take up your whole day?

That’s where Superhuman comes in; THE email platform that streamlines your everyday.

Our campaign aimed to raise awareness of this brand, whose advanced features make you feel more superhuman.

The Approach







We sourced and contracted nine influencers whose values and aesthetic fit the target demographic of a superhuman user; entrepreneurial and professional.

Our content sat across social on YouTube and TikTok, each concept finely tuned for the platform. For example, our YouTube output had a focus on long form, informative product reviews, whereas TikTok housed our shorter form, visually impactful functional call outs.

We also tapped into paid social, boosting three of the most powerful pieces of content to drive click-throughs and sign ups on the Superhuman site.


The Results

We positioned Superhuman as a reliable upgrade for any professional’s routine.

With all its features and capabilities, the software gripped our audience, making our content both educational and engaging.

4M Impressions
7.5K Link Clicks
$0.08 Organic CPE
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