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Anywhere Worker


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The Brief

The Brief

In order to drive awareness, spike traffic, and attract new audiences, SEEN Connects worked with globally-based influencers to promote Fiverr’s Anywhere Worker initiative – the idea that with the help of Fiverr, you can make anywhere your office. Through their nomadic and non-traditional work lens, Fiverr was acknowledged as the go-to place for freelancers which help support their everyday lifestyles.

The Approach

The Approach

We worked with 5 influencers (2x Established and 3x Emerging) across Instagram and TikTok. These individuals not only had a passion for traveling, but also offered their own unique spin on freelancer life, whether it be owning a business or providing travel/lifestyle tips as they navigate their own journeys.

Built into two phases, influencers were firstly tasked to show off their desk setup – from rolling hills to beautiful beaches, the backdrops spoke for themselves and really drove home the idea that with the help of Fiverr, you’re no longer chained to a typical office setup.

The second phase dove deeper into the concept of ‘Work from Anywhere’. Influencers shot videos, posted to reels and TikTok, that broke down how they utilized Fiverr freelancers to help with their day-to-day work – whether that be finding a composer to create music for their app or outsourcing web developers for their website revamp.

For our paid portion of the campaign, we targeted a combination of larger interest groups and niche occupation-based groups which allowed the platform to
streamline delivery, allowing the campaign to achieve such scalability. This helped us reach multiple different target audiences to increase not only impressions but engagements by piquing the interest of “freelance” workers and other non-traditional groups.


#Ad A day in my life as a Travel Content Creator outsourcing with @Fiverrcreates #9tofiverr #nomadlife #digitalnomad

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The Results

The Results

We were able to drive awareness and conversation through 33 pieces of content with our influencer selection reaching niche-based audiences to ensure relevancy that overachieved against benchmarks, both paid and organic.

When it came to paid results, well they speak for themselves! The CPM performance was 63% more cost efficient against benchmarks, which allowed for almost 3x impressions! Every influencer’s content overachieved against benchmarks.

On average, awareness campaigns on IG achieve a 4% ER %, with this campaign being at 10.6%. This showed both the effectiveness of the influencer selection and the strength of their content created

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