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Kurupt FM

Linking Up With eBay Sneakers

The Brief

We set out to target the sneakerhead community and raise awareness of eBay sneakers’ unparalleled authentication service. But, we didn’t stop there…eBay’s democratic DNA demanded we broke down barriers for both sneaker enthusiasts and the mainstream crep admirer to get involved too. How better to unite these groups than through a legendary celebrity partnership and some kick-ass home-grown content?


The Approach

As part of our ongoing promotion for eBay’s Authenticity Guarantee, we paired eBay with Kurupt FM for a five-month partnership, and our production pulled out all the stops. We delivered end-to-end services from script writing, shooting, editing, to paid asset creation. This content sat across Kurupt FM’s YouTube and Instagram, and was then repurposed for paid media amplification. The content had to look authentically Kurupt to get their followers double-tapping while also smashing eBay’s objectives.

The Fun Stuff

We produced a two-part series with Kurupt FM, to rally an eBay sneakers media storm. Devastatingly funny and 100% on-brand, the content even included a link up with the crew at their Printworks gig to bag backstage content. We then took the content offline with an IRL pop-up market stall where the Kurupt crew sold authenticated classic kicks for 15 quid.

The Results

If we wanted to shout about eBay’s sneaker authenticity guarantee, we screamed it. A good ol’ fashioned surprise and delight event reeled in that all important press coverage.

We’re talking interviews, headlines, exclusive access. Everything.


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