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Educate and Inspire

The Brief

The Brief

We were briefed by to create content that educated and inspired fellow sales teams, business owners and advisors to utilize the key features of the software, in a campaign that combined both a CPV-focused paid mechanic and influencer partnerships.

Our objectives were to target 4X influencers – 2X Established, 1X Emerging, 1X Entry level- to create content that would authentically resonate with their audiences by showing how they solve problems in the workplace with monday Sales CRM across TikTok and LinkedIn and use paid media to maximize campaign reach and success. 

The Approach

The Approach

We worked with sales-focused influencers who authentically targeted our desired audience groups within the business and sales space. We managed to recruit a total of 5X key opinion leaders in the Sales Team, Biz Owner and Business advisor niches. We utilized paid media through TikTok Spark Codes to achieve our target CPV.


If you’re ready to simplify your sales process for both you and your customer and be able to easily adapt and make changes is the CRM for you. It is built for business today; edit stages, add columns, manage multiple pipelines and close business, all in the time it takes your competition to fill out a support ticket for their dinosaur CRM. @mondaydotcom #WorkWithoutLimits #ad #mondaydotcompartner

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The campaign was met with positive response from the creators’ audiences. In order to further optimize reach,  we utilized paid media through TikTok Spark Codes to boost our campaign content and achieve our target CPV, surpassing our CPV KPI by 28% and our target Video View KPI by 18%. The primary KPI for this campaign was CPV, and the target of $0.01 was fulfilled.

28% VTR
$0.01 CPRV
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