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Diversity + Inclusion Commitment

SEEN Connects was founded on a simple notion: to captivate audiences with targeted insights, awareness, and discovery. While the world evolves, we are committed to evolving, growing, and shifting with it for the better. When we open ourselves up to learning, discussing, and engaging – we open ourselves up to a future that is more sustainable, equitable, and just. We are not there yet.

Racism, homophobia, ableism, misogyny, transphobia and other biases still show up in every corner of our society, systems and workplaces today. We acknowledge that only through greater diversity, equity, inclusion, and transformational work can we attempt to bring the voices, ideas, cultures, and concerns of those marginalised to the centre and play our part in creating a more just society. Therefore we must ensure that our work – internally and in advertising, public relations, marketing, and communications is reflective and representative of all people.

As an agency focusing on influencer marketing, we acknowledge our responsibility to shift narratives and produce authentic and inclusive work as well as creating a safe, fair and equitable workplace.








We acknowledge the importance of listening and learning as well as accountability, to create lasting impacts and measurable results from an organisational standpoint, as well as in our external work.

SEEN Connects commits to:

  1. Listening to the community, employees, and audiences to foster a culture of inclusivity and elevate new voices inside and outside of our business.
  2. Create an inclusive, safe and equitable workplace for people from all backgrounds and lived experiences.
  3. To hold senior management and leaders accountable for this journey by setting an example in how they manage their teams, their participation in further training and development and fair and equitable business practices.
  4. To enact the relevant system changes required to interrupt systemic and implicit biases and create sustainable and transformational change in our organisation and the industry at large.
  5. To create lasting partnerships with communities that encourage open communication, transparency, growth and opportunities.
  6. Being an equal opportunity employer that is committed to diversity and inclusion in the workplace. This policy applies to all employment practices within the group, including recruitment, interviewing, and hiring. We do not discriminate based upon race, gender, sexuality, disability, religion, age, marital status, or pregnancy. The Captivate Group is committed to providing reasonable accommodations for candidates who may require accommodations.

As we work towards our commitments, we hold onto our fundamental principles of captivating audiences, building relationships, and fostering connections – which can only continue to grow through strong diversity, equity, and inclusion practices.

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